RIP Full Form


RIP full form: Rest In Peace

The word RIP is mainly used to express grief to bring peace to the soul of a dead person. Using the word RIP, the person prays to God to grant peace to the soul of the dead person. Most people express grief in the name of RIP on the social media on the death of their friends and close people.

Many people have heard RIP meaning Return if possible, while it is not right, RIP means Rest in peace. It is derived from the Latin word Requiescat in Pace.The term RIP was first used by Christian people.

When someone dies in Christianity or English, he is buried and "Rest in Peace" is written on his grave, from which the word RIP has been introduced.

Gradually English is becoming very popular everywhere and English is being spoken by many people, so rest in peace has also been made very famous by all of us and now we use this word also. Speak or write RIP Hindi


Full form of RIP: Routing Information Protocol

Routing Information Protocol (RIP) is perhaps the most settled distance vector directing shows. It utilizes a jump consider a steering metric. In hop count, the number of nodes is counted between the source and the destination. The greatest number of jumps took into consideration RIP is 15.

As a transport protocol, RIP uses the User Datagram Protocol (UDP). It is assigned a reserved port number 520. RIP is a broadly utilized convention for overseeing switch data inside a neighborhood Local Area Network (LAN) or gathering of LANs.


 RIP and Ripped

Ripping is a process of copying audio and video files to a hard drive from removable media such as a CD or DVD. The duplicated content in its objective arrangement called RIP.


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