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OTT is a real-time (streaming) media service that arrives at watchers straightforwardly through the Internet, which means that TV and film content is accessible straightforwardly through the Internet on our Mobile, PC, Laptop, or TV.

What is the full form of OTT?

OTT Full Form: Over The Top

The cinema or serial of our choice can be seen sitting at home, and this has been possible due to OTT i.e. over-the-top. This means that a content provider is providing its content directly to viewers through the Internet, bypassing the traditional cable system, which is why this service is called uppermost.

How Work OTT service?

OTT does not function like old-time cable, broadcast and satellite television, it works via the Internet. The content available with the OTT service provider reaches the user according to the device that the consumer wants to see the content on that consumer's demand. Top service providers use a content delivery network, ie CDN, to send movies and TV shows to the public. OTT service providers like Netflix or Amazon Prime build their servers in different countries around the world so that their video content can be easily viewed from anywhere, part of the world without any hassle and another advantage of this CDN technology is that if If there is a problem at a place, only the people of that place will be affected by this problem, the people of the rest of the world will be able to enjoy normal service.

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Famous OTT Providers Of The World


Amazon Prime Video




Disney Hotstar

Sony Liv


Jio Cinema

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Some interesting facts about OTT Full Form

1- OTT is one of the fastest growing businesses in the whole world

2- Today, more than 40 percent people are using OTT, 20 percent of the people in India use OTT through smart phones.

3- Netflix is ​​the world's largest OTT service provider and also the most famous in the world

4- Disney Hotstar has the highest number of subscribers in India and Amazon Prime Video is second in India

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Other OTT Full Form


OTT-  One True thing   

OTT-  Object to Test    

OTT-  One Time Text



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