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KYC Full Form - Know Your Customer

 KYC is an important process for many large companies today, whereby the identity of customers is verified before or during doing business with them.

 RBI has directed digital transaction companies, banks and other financial institutions to guarantee the KYC of their clients before using all of their services. helps financial institutions serve you better.

 KYC is very important and protects both clients and financial institutions from many frauds and illegal activities To open a new bank account, maintain a bank locker, open a mutual fund account, upi applications such as phone pay, google pay, paytm And for different types of online investing, your KYC must be updated with your bank.

 The RBI sets the KYC rules for banks and other financial institutions in India.

KYC Full Form In hindi

 What is KYC?

KYC is the process by which financial institutions verify their customer identification and proof of address.


For example, if you are opening an account at a bank, the bank will ask you to present the necessary paper to prove your KYC, that is, your identity and address.


There are many different types of paper for proof of identity and proof of address, such as Aadhaar card, PAN card, voter identification card, driver's license, etc.

You can complete your KYC by providing two of these documents


KYC need


KYC is very important to both the bank and other financial institutions and the client, as necessary measures were taken during KYC to ensure that the client is genuine and that there is no risk.


Under the KYC process, verification of the identification card, document verification and facial verification of any person is carried out, thus authenticating the client and the information provided by him.


The banking process has become very secure today thanks to KYC, and RBI has made it necessary for all banks to continue to update their customers on KYC on a regular basis.

In many cases, when the bank failed to update customers' KYC, the RBI imposed a heavy penalty on them.


KYC includes the following details:

  • Customer Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Father's Name
  • Mother's Name
  • Marital Status
  • Address Proof
  • Identity Proof
  • Contact No.
  • PAN Card
  • Source of the Funds


 List of KYC documents


You can proof your address and identity by producing the following documents in original-


  •      Aadhar card
  •      Pan card
  •      voter identity card
  •      Driving licence
  •      NREGA Card
  •      Ration card
  •      Letter of the national population register


You can provide one of the documents listed above for your proof of identity, such as the PAN card, and a piece of paper that you can provide as proof of your address, such as the voter identification card or driver's license.

KYC can be completed even if a person only has one Aadhaar card, but their bank account transaction limit will be very low.


What is e-KYC


e- KYC full form is Electronic KYC.


e-KYC is the process by which a customer's identity and proof of address are electronically verified through Aadhaar authentication.


Today, almost every citizen of India has an Aadhaar card, and if a person's biometric details are recorded on the Aadhaar card, anyone can prove their identity by entering their thumb into the finger reader.


EKYC is a very safe and fast process in which it is not necessary to hand over paper or sign it anywhere.

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