EWS Full Form


EWS Full Form means Economically Weaker Sections. This is a EWS Certificate in General Categories.

The EWS Certificate is for those in the general category whose annual income is less than 8 Lakhs, and the cultivated land should be less than 5 acres and the houses should be less than 1000 square feet. Or the benefit of reservation is given only to those who are financially weak. People of economically weaker sections are given 10 percent reservation benefit by the government.

 EWS Full Form in Hindi

BCA Full Form

Documents required for making EWS Certificate


It is very necessary to provide Aadhaar Card, Income Certificate, PAN Card, BPL Ration Card, Bank Statement, Self-declaration Card and Voter ID Card for making Economic Vicar Section (EWS) certificate. In the absence of these proofs, it is not possible to become an EWS Certificate.


How to apply for EWS Certificate?


To get an EWS Certificate, you have to contact your regional accountant and the lawmakers of the tehsil. The online process for creating an EWS Certificate has not started. Currently, this certificate is made offline only. For this, the application has to be taken from the stump seller inside the tehsil, along with the income certificate and Aadhaar, and the accountant has to give it.


Who can get EWS certificate?


EWS Certificate is given to those people of the general category whose annual income is Rs. 8,00,000 or less. The farming land is less than 5 acres and the house is less than 1000 square feet, EWS Certificate is provided to that family. 10% reservation is given for economically weaker people of general category on EWS Certificate.


In our country, reservation was given only to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes. But no reservation was given to the poor who were in the general category, it has now been decided by the Government of India that even the weaker sections of the general class will get 10% reservation under the EWS policy and the validity of this certificate will be one year. Will last


EWS Certificate UP


In order to provide benefits to the economically weaker sections of the people in Uttar Pradesh, the government has also introduced the system of issuing EWS certificates for their proof. To certify those who are economically weaker than the general category, first they have to be made Economically Weaker Sections (EWS Certificate). Only then can they take advantage of reservation.



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